8-10 May 2019


Since we all aspire to achieve an impact – why not also evaluate it?

+ Outcomes
Mastery of basic skills in Research and Evaluation on social impact.

+ Facilitator
With 24 years of cumulative practical experience in the evaluation of impact for private and public sector clients, Emery will draw on a large EU research project conducted in the framework of the Phoenix network (www.thephoenixnetwork.org).

+ Audience
You are a researcher seeking to become fluent in research methods, or an international aid manager, or a community relations manager for an oil and gas company or consultant who wants to build your evaluation approach on sound research and team design.

+ Learning Outcomes
You will gain greater clarity of how to analyse impact, and of the principal challenges of doing this work. A better understanding about how to select your evaluation questions, and of the most relevant frameworks against which assistance should be evaluated. A practical approach to planning, designing, implementing and following through on evaluations and field research.


03-who-we-are_emery-brussetEmery Brusset

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Mr Brusset specialises in the evaluation of social development interventions, with a focus on impact. After a brief career in UN humanitarian missions Mr Brusset became an independent evaluation consultant in 1994, working for Governments, the UN and social assessments for the private sector (primarily oil and gas, mining). He has participated in 84 evaluation assignments, has published on the subject in peer reviewed publications, and facilitated many training workshops.

The workshop will also call on recent development in IT solutions for impact assessment, mainly drawing on the new UN Department for Peace-Keeping Operations Comprehensive Performance Assessment System. CPAS, as it is known, is encapsulating all the recent trends in impact assessment, such as in complexity thinking and modelling.


Course Information

8 to 10 May 2019 9:30 AM on the first day to 5:30 PM on the last day

Trademark Hotel
Limuru Road
Nairobi, Kenya


Fees (all taxes included)
+ Organisations (Government, UN, NGOs etc.): US $700
+ Individuals (Self-funded evaluators/private consultants etc.): US $500
+ Students: US $400

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