23-24 January, 2019


Asking the right question in the right way is the art of knowing.

+ Outcomes
Mastery of basic skills in Research and Evaluation methods on social impact.

+ Facilitators
2 experts; between them 50 years of cumulative practical experience

+ Audience
You are a researcher seeking to become fluent in research methods, or an international aid manager, or a consultant who wants to build your evaluation approach on sound research and team design.

+ Learning Outcomes
You will gain greater clarity of how to prepare and analyse the performance of development cooperation, peace-building and humanitarian action; and ways to overcome the challenges of doing this work; a better understanding about how to select your evaluation questions, and of the most relevant data collection methods; a practical approach to planning, designing, implementing and following through on evaluations, including ethics and participatory approaches.


03-who-we-are_emery-brussetEmery Brusset

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Mr Brusset specialises in the evaluation of social development interventions, with a focus on impact. After a brief career in UN humanitarian missions Mr Brusset became an independent evaluation consultant in 1994, working for Governments, the UN and social assessments for the private sector (primarily oil & gas, mining). He has participated in 84 evaluation assignments, has published on the subject in peer reviewed publications, and facilitated many training worshops.


246923837_133010 adjustedAijarkyn Kojobekova

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Dr. Aijarkyn Kojobekova is a renowned academic who has worked on research for the Open Society Institute, UNDP, UN Women, IFES, Aigine Cultural Research Center and the University of Tübingen. She is an expert in the Policy of Memory in Central Asia research project, and is a Senior Associate of Unum.


Course Information


23 January 2019, from 9:30 AM to 24 January 2019, 5:30 PM


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Fees (all taxes included)
+ Organisations (Government, UN, NGOs etc.): US $250
+ Individuals (Self-funded evaluators/private consultants etc.): US $200
+ Students: US $100

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