First half of 2019


The Phoenix network will meet in southern Germany to discuss the upcoming preparation of the EU Second Circle research project.

This project aims to explore the cutting edge of peace impact assessment methods.
Most peace initiatives or operations are highly aware of how they manage their own resources, systems and outputs, but struggle to develop a similar awareness of their context. In the same way, they struggle to adapt their systems to take into account observed changes obtained in their context.
The theme of the circles in the project title comes from the analogy of a first central circle which is the institutional horizon of the initiative or operation. This is the ‘comfort zone’ in the current state of the art. The second circle is the societal one, situated beyond the operational horizon.
The research project will ask what can be done to overcome this limited scope, and how to build on a stronger engagement with stakeholders in the second circle to enable a common understanding through a shared evidence base. It is the intention of the project participants that this analytical shift will facilitate coalition building with key actors, and reflect how today the locus of control is shifting towards decentralised and local actors thanks to changes in data architecture (social media, increasing use of modelling, etc…).

The principal facilitator of the meeting will be 03-who-we-are_emery-brussetEmery Brusset

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Mr Brusset specialises in the evaluation of social development interventions, with a focus on impact. After a brief career in UN humanitarian missions Mr Brusset became an independent evaluation consultant in 1994, working for Governments, the UN and social assessments for the private sector (primarily oil & gas, mining). He has participated in 84 evaluation assignments, has published on the subject in peer reviewed publications, and facilitated many training worshops.